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Kevin VanDam with South Florida Bass Fishing Guides John "King of the Everglades" Pate

After being a professional bass fisherman and South Florida bass fishing guide since 1973, John “King of the Everglades” Pate has heard this question over and over.  What lures catch a lot of bass in South Florida in the winter?  And the answer is simple.

There are MANY lures that catch a lot of bass – when those lures are fished at the right time, in the right place and with the right technique.

When I’m fishing for big bass – which is what I do most of the time – I use a lot of Tuscororan Pro Lures Rude Frogs, Thunder Stix and tee-pee stix.  But on some days, when the bass are active – a lipless crankbait can be awesome for numbers of bass.

And if you want to know how to fish a lipless crankbait  – who better than arguably the best tournament bass fishermen in the world – Kevin VanDam.  From WorldFishingNetwork:

If you want to learn how to catch cold-water bass the best advice give to me was to fish with a cold-water expert. My wife and father-in-law have taught me a great deal about cold-water bass fishing with their fall Michigan tactics but it was another Michigan angler that really got me to notice the power of a lipless crankbait for fishing for cold lethargic bass. By watching the Bassmaster tournaments, and reading magazines articles, Kevin VanDam has not only convinced me of the power of diving lures in cold water, but has shared strategies over the years as he has mastered the use of the lipless crankbait in cold water.

The lure excels in cold-water lakes that have large shallow flats and lakes that have an abundance of vegetation where the lipless crankbait is the most effective. They are one of the best baits for counting down to a specific depth of a strike zone, which is a must when cold-water bass fishing as lethargic bass only exerts minimal energy for food.

Before VanDam reveiled and perfected this approach many anglers remained true to traditional cold-water tactics and boring do nothing bottom dragging techniques, but by proving that bass would hit the falling shad imitation under the right conditions, VanDam became the master of the lipless crankbait. VanDam instructs anglers to retrieve these lures with a sideways sweeping motion with the rod creating plenty of vibration. With a stop-go-falling action the slower rhythm of this presentation still works in winter just as it does ripping it through the grass in summer.

VanDam is adamant in his advise that the key to success with lipless crankbaits in cold water is to slow your retrieve and keep the bait in contact with the bottom or the cover. Bottom contact is absolutely critical with these baits. I have heard him in countless interviews stressing that hitting the grass, hitting the stumps, or yo-yoing them up and down off the bottom, anglers will catch fish with these types of lures.

The lipless crankbait definitely has its place in cold water bass fishing. It is leaders in the sport like VanDam that develop the techniques needed to produce bass in diverse situations. Winter may not be the most productive time of the year to fish, but knowing there are multiple strategies that have been developed with success helps anglers to gain confidence for fishing 365 days a year.

What Lures Catch A Lot Of Bass In South Florida Winter? There are so many bas fishing lures and bass fishing techniques – it is impossible for the weekend angler to master them all.  But there are some – the basics – that work over and over.  That they work… with minimal adaptation… where ever you fish.  That’s why learning how to fish lures like frogs, zara spooks, crankbaits, plastic worms, jerk baits and jigs is so important.    Here is a great article on bass behavior that will help you catch a lot more bass:  Florida bass fishing guides.  If you learn the techniques and conditions for the lures just mentioned – you will NEVER go fishless again.  To go fishing in South Florida and learn these techniques from an expert go here South Florida bass fishing guides.  For special discount prices go here Lowest price for South Florida bass fishing guides.  Right now Lake Okeechobee has some of the best bass fishing Florida has seen in over 20 years.  To find out more go here:  Lake Okeechobee bass fishing guides.  For more on fishing with lipless crankbaits go here Florida everglades bass fishing guides.




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