How To Catch Peacock Bass In South Florida Heddon Tiny Torpedo is a great lure to catch peacock bass in South Florida

How To Catch Peacock Bass In South Florida – Everglades Bass Fishing Guides:  People travel from all over the United States and world to catch the exotic peacock bass here in South Florida.  And there are several really goo reasons why.

Peacock bass are not only beautiful – they are AWESOME fighters.  And they are not difficult to catch.  If you are in the right spots and fishing with the right techniques.

How To Catch Peacock Bass In South Florida – Everglades Bass Fishing Guides

One of the most amazing attributes of the butterfly peacock is that it can be caught readily by novice anglers using live shiners, swimming below a bobber, while pursuing more and larger ones can challenge even the most experienced freshwater anglers. A wide variety of bait, spinning and flycasting equipment, ranging from a simple soda-pop can, 50 feet of monofilament and a hook, to the most-expensive light tackle currently marketed for largemouth bass fishing professionals, can be used to catch this colorful and exciting gamefish.

Basic butterfly peacock bass fishing techniques are similar to those used for the native largemouth bass, but since peacocks rarely eat anything but fish and chase down their food almost exclusively during daylight hours, avoid using non-fish-imitating baits worked slowly or fishing at night. Top-water lures with or without props, fish-imitating crankbaits and flies fished on light tackle (6- to 8-pound test) are all good choices since peacocks tend to be an openwater fighter.

Butterfly peacock bass congregate in shade and around structure provided by bridges, culverts, fallen trees, canal bends, intersections and dead ends. More large fish (those more than 4 pounds) are caught betwee February and May than any other time of year.

Every peacock angler has his secrets as to where and when to fish, including those who have seven to 10 hot spots reachable from shore. These hot spots can be checked easily on the way home from work or in just a few fun-filled hours close to home on a day off.

Source:  Florida Wildlife Magazine

Live, small shiners are one of the easiest ways to catch peacock bass in South Florida.  And here are a couple tips that will help you catch more peacock bass with shiners.

(1)  Use light flourocarbon!  A 7ft medium heavy rod with a quality spinning reel is perfect.  We like to use 30lb braided line with 8-10lbs flourocarbon leader.  If you are fishing in open water you can use a medium rod and 8lbs test flourocarbon.

(2)  If you are using a bobber – use one made of cork that is natural cork color.  Not those brightly colored plastic one.  But most of the time it is best to not use a bobber and “free line” the shiner.  Peacocks in South Florida can be smart!

If you want to catch peacock bass in South Florida on lures – try Heddon tiny torpedoes and small gold Rapalas.  Both fishing with an erratic, jerky, fast motion.   Once again, we use braided line with flourocarbon leader.

How To Catch Peacock Bass In South Florida – Everglades Bass Fishing Guides:  If you would like to go peacock bass fishing in South Florida with professional peacock bass fishing guides, John Pate go here:  Peacock bass fishing guides in south Florida.  Mr. Pate have been a professional bass fishing guide in South Florida and the Florida everglades since 1973 and has been guiding for Peacock bass in South Florida since they were introduced in 1984.


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