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How To Tie Fluorocarbon To Braid

I am updating this page because I started using a different knot to attach flourocarbon to braid about a year ago and it is by far the best knot I have found.

I used the Slim Beauty knot for years and have replaced it with this knot called “Alberto’s Knot” by “”Crazy” Alberto Knie.  The Alberto knot is even easier to tie, does not slip and is super strong.  One great thing about this knot is that it is very easy to tie ANY size flourocarbon leader to braid.

Here is a video of the Alberto Knie tying the Alberto Knot:

I still think the knots listed below are very good – but I only use the Alberto Knot to attach flourocarobon leader to braid.  Below are a couple other options.

Also shown below is the knot I use to attach a hook or lure directly to flourocarbon.  For that knot scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Tying fluorocarbon leader to braid is one of the most valuable fishing skills you will ever learn.


Because braided line is much easier to work with and cast than fluorocarbon.  Especially on a spinning reel.

Braid is much more buoyant and has virtually no stretch.  And for many fishing techniques – like throwing top water frogs back in the pads… and flipping… braid is awesome.

But there is one big negative to braid: It is visible to the fish.

This may not be a big factor if you are fishing in dirty water… or… are satisfied just catching the small, easy to catch bass.

But if you want to catch MONSTER bass – the ones no one else is catching – there are certain techniques and times where attaching a fluorocarbon leader will greatly improve you odds.

At least that’s what common sense and years of experience tells us.

Since I have found braid easier to manage on my real – when the time is right for fluorocarbon… I put on a leader that is between 2-3 feet.

Fluorocarbon has some stretch and sinks – so you can modify the leader length depending on what line properties you want.

And the biggest problem with using a fluorocarbon leader is using the right knot and tying it properly.

You need a knot that will pass through the guides of your fishing pole easily, and not slip or break when you hook into a big fish.

You also want a knot that is easy to tie.

I have tried several knots over the years.  And lost several really big bass because the knot didn’t hold.  Nothing… and I mean NOTHING is worse than fishing for days to finally hook into a MONSTER bass and have the knot pull out.

But I’ve finally solved this problem once and for all.

There Are Two Knots
I Use And Recommend

One is the “FG” knot. It is extremely strong, will not slip and low profile so it passes through the guides of your fishing pole nicely.

The only problem with this knot is it takes a little practice to learn – and it takes a little time to tie.

This is not a big deal when you are rigging up your fishing poles the night before… but it can be a problem when you have to re-tie a leader when you are out fishing. Especially if you are fishing in a tournament when time is a HUGE factor.

That’s why I am also showing you what I call the modified “slim beauty” knot.

I have used the slim beauty knot for years and I have NEVER had a problem with it slipping or breaking.

The classic slim beauty knot has tested very well for breaking strength and not slipping.  But the classic slim beauty can be a pain in the butt to tie with certain pound test leaders.

The modified slim beauty knot is much easier to tie and cinch down.

The only difference is the classic slim beauty is tied with the braided line double up – for the modified version the braided line is single.



Here’s How To Tie The Modified Slim Beauty Knot To Attach Fluorocarbon Leader To Braid

I will walk you though the slim beauty knot in just a moment – but you can skip to the video at the end to see how the knot is tied.  I did not make this video – but it is by far the best one I found.

Just make sure you read the section on here about tightening the knot correctly.

There is also two videos of the FG knot.

Know this: If you are fishing for MONSTER bass – I always recommend taking the extra time to make sure EVERYTHING is as close to perfect as you can get it.

MONSTER bass are difficult to hook into – so when one does you want as many things in your favor as possible.

That’s why I recommend tying the best knot possible – not the easiest or quickest. Using quality equipments… rods, reels, line, hooks etc. and keeping that equipment in tip top shape.

Simply tying the right knot, re-tying when your line is frayed and keeping your hook sharp could be the difference between landing the bass of your lifetime… or telling your buddies another story about the big one that got away.

Now The Modified Slim Beauty –
Videos Are At The Bottom Of The Page:

First tie a double over hand knot in the fluorocarbon leader.  An over hand knot is the first step you do when tying your shoes.  Then just put the line through one more time.

Pull on the two ends and slowly tighten the double overhand knot until it turns over and forms a figure eight knot.  But do not tighten it too much – you need a gap in both sides of the figure eight to pass the braided line through.

Not take the brained line and pass it up through the bottom opening and down through the top opening of the figure eight knot.  The bottom opening is the tag end of the fluorocarbon and the top end is the end of the fluorocarbon that will go to your hook or lure.

Pass about 12 inched of braid through both figure eight opening and tighten down the figure eight knot a little more.  But not too much because the braid will have to slide a little when you tighten the knot.

Now pinch the braid and fluorocarbon between your fingers right where the braid comes through the top of the figure eight knot.  Pinch it so there is a little gap separating the braid and fluorocarbon.

Now wrap the braid around the fluorocarbon (going in the direction of  the hook or lure) 5 or 7 times (depends on the pound test of the braid – with 30 pound test I use 5 wraps).  Then wrap the braid back over itself – towards the figure eight knot – the same amount of time you wrapped the other way.

Next pass the end of the braided line through the gap you have between the braid and fluorocarbon right at the figure eight knot.

Tightening The Slim Beauty Knot Correctly

Do not pull on the braided line you just pass through this gap!!!

Lubricate the line and pull slowly on the braided line that goes to your reel and the fluorocarbon line that goes to your hook or lure.

Pull on these two a little bit – then pull slightly on the braided line you put through the gap at the figure eight knot.  Pull this braided line just enough to take out a little loop you will see.

Now simply pull the braided line going to the reel and fluorocarbon line going to the hook or lure and the knot will cinch down neatly.  You may have to pull on the braid tag end a little more – you will do that if the knot bunches up a little.  Tighten it down slowly so you can see any bunching.

Trim the tag ends – be careful not to trim one of the main lines!

The trickiest part about this knot is cinching it down.  Once I figured it out – the knot cinched down perfectly every time.  It is a combination of pulling the braid end going to your reel and fluorocarbon going to the hook – alternately with the braid tag end to take out any bunching.

In the classic version of the slim beauty – the braided line you pass through the figure eight knot is doubled.  We usually use 20-pound fluorocarbon leader – and the gaps in the figure eight knot you must pass the braid through are pretty small.

We found it much easier to pass through single braid and also much easier to cinch down the knot.

And we have NEVER had a problem with slipping or breaking.

Here is a video of the slim beauty and two of the FG…





Here is one of the best knots to tie fluorocarbon or braid directly to a hook or lure… 


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