Bass-Fishing-Lake-Okeechobee-Matt-WelchBass Fishing Lake Okeechobee HUGE Bass Caught In One Hour VIDEO:  If you want to catch trophy bass on legendary Lake Okeechobee – you are going to love this video.  And the story behind this video is almost as good as the video itself.

Here’s the story:  There is a Lake Okeekobee bass fishing guide by the name of JP McKay.  JP has been a professional tournament bass fisherman and guide for over 25 year.  He has won countless tournaments all over Florida especially the everglades and Lake Okeechobee.  And JP specializes in catching MONSTER bass on Lake Okeechobee.

But many people who want to hire a bass fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee do not know about JP McKay because he does not has a website and does not have any videos up on the internet.  He is not an “internet marketer” he is a REAL bass fishing guide.

Anyway, last week JP got in contact with me (Matt Welch) because he knows I put up websites and shoot video for fishing guides.  And what he said to me was pretty gutsy.

He said, “Listen, I don’t have a website or Youtube.  But I want to make a bet with you.  If you come out with mo on Lake Okeechobee and shoot video… I will get you a trophy bass IN JUST ONE HOUR.  And if I do you will put the video up on Youtube and help me put up a website”

I  thought this guy might be a little crazy  – but I accepted his bet.  And it turned into what I call…

“The One Hour Lake Okeechobee Challenge”

As you can see by the picture… he delivered.  His guy is an incredible bass fishing guide.  Not only that, we was on time, had a great personality and we had a lot of fun.  It was an experience I will never forget.

The total fishing time it took to make this video was one hour and fifteen minutes.  You can see the actual time from the camera in the video.

I am also building his a website that should be up in a bout a week.

If you want you catch MONSTER bass on Lake Okeechobee – I highly recommend you give JP McKay a call.  His phone number is 1-888-959-8658.  His website is bass fishing lake okeechobee.

Here is the video:

Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee

A lot of people want to know what lure, rod, reel and line we were using to catch these bass.

Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee - The Gambler Big EZ and Tokar 5/0 Hook

Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee – The Gambler Big EZ and Tokar 5/0 Hook

We were using using the “Big EZ” made by Gambler.  This is an awesome swimbait that can be fished many different ways.  We were pulling it across the top without any weight.  We were using a 5/0 Trokar hook and put a screw-in plastic nose cone in front of the Big EZ so it would go through the weeds better.  As you can see, we were fishing in pretty heavy cover.  The color of the Big EZ was “Lane Toad.””

I was using a Star Nickelite 7 foot medium heavy rod with a Shimano Curado bait casting reel and 50lbs braided fishing line.  I have been fishing a long time and that is an AWESOME set up.  Ironically, Star doesn’t make the Nickelite and Shimano doesn’t make the model Curado I have.  Have you ever noticed that once you find something you like, the company will stop making it?  :)  I have a few Star Stellarlite rods and they are very good and only about $100.  Not quite as good as the Nickellite, but still very good.

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